I'm Nabil

A FrontEnd Engineer with a passion for ML

About Me

I build creative and amazing things on the web. I'm a front-end engineer that loves ReactJS. I am deeply curious and interested in the applications of machine learning.

I have a Bachelors in Computer Engineering (2020) with Honours. While at school I undewent 3 internships which introduced me to the world of development and I've loved it ever since. I also started working part-time during my final year and it has become a habit of mine to participate in monthly hackathons/side projects.

Focused and goal-oriented; I have a good eye for detail and put in my best effort into time management and producing the best of results. Currently, I freelance and enter some competitions on the side.


Web Development
Mobile Development
React & React-Native

Recent Projects

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- Side Prj
Ideabox 💡

Ideabox is an app where anyone can take a look at community shared ideas and share theirs. Current communities are: reddit and

ReactAWS AmplifyCommunityFebrurary hack
- Side Prj
PixAI 📷

PixAI enables users to create amazing photo effects powered by AI. Some of the features incude; toonify, zombify, style transfer and more. Give it a go !!

ReactDigitialOceanSocialJanuary hack

Contact Me

Please free to contact me if you have any questions.